Affairs of Conference Services

Affairs of Conference Services
We provide professional one-stop conference service at a favorable price with flexibility to customize.
– The meeting planning
Personnel, facilities, publishing and event planning and budget.
– Pre-conference
(A) Preparatory:
1. Venue negotiation
Signed venue, hotel, exhibition grounds, and food & beverage related contracts
2. The promotional copy and materials preparation
3. Committee invitation
4. Sponsors, media and other support organization invitation
(B) Conference marketing:
1. Make plan of Submission, gathering participants and exhibitions
2. Make full use of organizations and committees
(C) Conference preparation:
1. Make marketing plan practically
– Mid-conference
1. Participants reception
2. Accommodation and food arrangement
3. Guest reception
4. The venue arrangements
– After the conference
Conference equipment lease, materials printing, meeting place layout, conference reception, catering, meeting activities, hotel reservations, tourism and social activities etc.